Very friendly, fast service and great food.
Service was fine and online ordering option is definitely a big plus. I had no issues with the order service, only with food preparation. Dishes had no "spice" to them when ordering, selected "Hot & Spicy Szechuan" and it was the opposite. Uncooked Peanuts on the Kung Pao dish were just thrown on after it was cooked. The dish portion is what I would normally expect, and appropriate for the price. Vegetables were cooked properly and were somewhat crisp, not overcooked. Both of our dishes tasted very similar and had no "bite" to them even when requested as extra spicy.
The best take-out I have had in a long time , Staff was very pleasant to deal with . I will be visiting again very soon .
Small waiting area and really, really busy. I ordered online, which at first seemed daunting but actually went better than most sites like this. When asking for a time for the order online, it would only say “as soon as possible.” There is a number to call to talk about issues with an order but that sort of defeats the purpose of ordering online. We waited 35 minutes for take out.
I gave them a year since my last visit (which was terrible). I was pleasantly surprised. The food was much better, as was the service. As a note to those looking for something spicey, ask for extra, extra hot. They cater mostly to the timid tongued.
Love the food!
Any questions please call us.